Terms and Conditions for Hotel Owners

Hotelsboro.com get 15 percent of reservation of total amount as a service fee only from accommodation owner.

If compare with other suppliers or seller, hoteliers make more profit than any others. In the other way, if one of the accommodation registered supplier, the hotel suppliers adds at least 12 percent to 20 percent profit. Then transferred data to online (internet) seller or agencies, they also adds between %10 to %20. Average of adding percentage is % 27.

That’s why most of hotels rates are different on different website!

That case also bring bad influence for costumers as well as for accommodations.

When guests make a reservation, automatically system send emails to accommodation owner and to guest. Also email send to Hotelsboro.com team.

Hotelsboro.com doesn’t receive any many for reservation or deposit. There is no any payment for reservation.

Guests pay reservation amount to accommodation owner when they arrive. It means; guests are feel free and owners also feel free. And there is no any problem to receive money in time. No more waiting for receive many for lately.

Technical Details:

Accommodation owners may upload nice photos for their properties. Photos should be around 10 pieces.

Photos must be maximum 850 px long (horizontal) and 72 dpi quality. Don’t forget that, photos are very important.

All information must be true. Asking to extra money from guest forbidden.

Hotelsboro.com website has some well known currencies. But default currency is USD. If you hoteliers enter their rates as USD, the system will calculate automatically to other currencies if costumer choose.

Service and Payment:

Accommodation owners pays only 15 percent of total amount of reservation as informed before. We use well known payment gateway Stripe. After one month, hotels booking amount will transfer to the hotels account. The  fee must reach at least 300 USD. If not, hoteliers wait maximum 3 months to reach 300 USD. After 3 months booking amount must transferred to Hotels account whatever total amount reached.

The transferring cost is belongs to hoteliers.

Our Goals and Target:

By the Hotelsboro.com hoteliers will have big profit. Because of that hoteliers should decrease their rates at least 5 percent. In this case,  hoteliers will make at least 15 percent profit more.

Our goal is; offer best rates to costumers. And Hotelsrun.com goes to market, at least % 5 less rates slogan.

All of our members must give best rates to Hotelsboro.com guests. As well as they are Hotelier’s guests.

If we agree for happy costumers and happy hoteliers, Hotelsboro.com will make big commercial/advertising campaign on social media.

Please request agreement for hotel owners. Return to us after signed agreement to setup your account live.

Wish to hoteliers good business.


Note: If accommodation owners need technical help for register or upload material to their page, should contact us:

email: [email protected]